Hinterland Photo

Hinterland – the back country. The undiscovered landscape untouched and unblemished by modern hands. Pictures reveal the stark reality of the everyday, and lay bare the poignant beauty of the ignored street sign you pass by day in and day out. I want my photography to let the abandoned churches speak for themselves, and give them the chance to reveal their secrets. So often we forget to see the world around us. The wonderful thing about photography is that it freezes time, forces you to consider just a millisecond of eternity, to ponder that single moment, and to appreciate it for its every minute detail. Photography causes you to be still and simply be, if only for a moment. I hope that through my art, others can learn to appreciate the simple and the forgotten. Maybe someone will learn to wonder anew at the many worlds that our modern times have left behind and discarded – the forgotten school house or the rusted out train car – even the neon signs and the storefronts we see every day, but yet still fail to really see. Beauty is everywhere i look – I find it in the leaves on the ground and in the stars in the sky. It speaks to me from the flying traffic and from a young child’s innocent face. And God is there, behind it all. He is what makes it real, and what makes it beautiful. Ultimately, my art is my worship – my praise to the One behind the scenes, the one who created it all, and like some of his most beautiful creations, He too is the One who is all too often forgotten and ignored in these busy times. My art is my small way of remembering where I came from, honoring both God and the back country – The Hinterland.